Fostering a healthy relationship with technology is important at home and in school.
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4 Ways to Encourage Digital Wellness for Students

As screens and technology become increasingly ubiquitous in our everyday lives, it is vital that we find ways to co-exist with them that are both healthy and sustainable over the long-term. For kids especially, who are introduced to technology from a young age, it’s important to encourage moderation and instill a sound relationship with devices.
A kids' hands work on a sorting puzzle.
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Play-Based Learning and Special Needs Education 

There can often be challenges when it comes to keeping students with special needs on track in education, especially when using traditional approaches to teaching. Meeting the needs of students with special needs often requires thinking outside the box. 
A young girl codes her Sphero Mini Golf ball with a tablet.
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When Should Kids Start Learning to Code?

In today’s digital world, learning to code and being familiar with coding concepts are crucial parts of a child’s education. In addition to the practical applications for coding, it also provides a framework for kids to become familiar with using technology, solving problems, and applying critical thinking skills from an early age.
Two students seated at a desk laughing with their arms around each other.
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SEL Activities to Incorporate in the Classroom

Social-emotional learning (SEL) has been on the minds of parents and teachers for years, and for good reason. With social and emotional learning incorporated into everyday curriculums, children are better equipped to do things like manage conflicting emotions or adapt to environmental changes as they grow into adulthood.
A girl uses Sphero littleBits to create a gift idea for her mom.
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Three STEAM Gift Ideas for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mom. Mommy. Mama. Whatever name you call her, she’s truly a special woman. This Mother’s Day we know you want to make her feel extra loved. Why not show her with  an awesome and unique Mother’s Day gift that you invent? It’s genuine, personal, and engineered with love, specifically by you.
Three kids work on a challenge card for Sphero indi at their dining room table as part of their homeschool STEM lessons.
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How Sphero Robots & STEM Kits Can Elevate Homeschool Curriculum

Elevate your STEM homeschool curriculum with Sphero coding robots & STEM kits. Learn how these tech tools seamlessly integrate into the subjects you’re already teaching!
A male and female engineering student work at a classroom table coding Sphero RVR+ robots to do a winter STEM activity.
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Winter STEM Activities to Keep Kids Engaged

Here are some of our favorite indoor activities from the Sphero team and community of educators that allow students to practice STEM subjects like coding and robotics while still getting into the winter spirit. 

STEM Gifts for Kids are good ideas to offer fun, educational experiences.
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14 Educational Gifts for Kids & Teens

Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or as a reward for making good grades, educational gifts for kids and teens are wildly popular. But you may be asking yourself, how do I pick the right educational gift for the special kids in my life? This guide will help you out.
Students working at a makerspace style table and creating prototypes with the Blueprint Build engineering kit for kids and teens.
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Why Career and Technical Education is a Game-Changer

What does career and technical education look like in your school or district? Career and technical education (CTE) can be a game-changer for middle and high school students. CTE programs offer hands-on experience and teach practical skills students can apply in various situations. 
A group of young students work together to program Sphero indi with color tiles in a classroom.
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Child Development Resources & Activities

Child development is the process all children go through of gradually gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the world successfully.
A girl does her school work on a laptop while wearing headphones at home. This is an example of a hybrid-learning environment.
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Hybrid Learning: An Educator’s Guide

When it comes to modern education, hybrid learning continues to grow in popularity — and for good reason. 
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Join the Family Tech Back to School $10K Giveaway

We’re teaming up with over 15 other companies and organizations to introduce the first-ever Family Tech Back to School $10K Giveaway!