Hour of Code activities from Sphero featuring AI concepts are now available.
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Sphero's AI-Powered Adventures for CSEdWeek

As we gear up to celebrate Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), there's no better time to dive into the world of coding and robotics. This annual event aims to inspire students and educators to explore the wonders of computer science, and what better way to do so than with Hour of Code?
A student in a yellow shirt uses a tablet with various social media and app icons floating over it to indicate the importance of Digital Citizenship.
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The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Education

In this article, we'll explore what it means to be a "digital citizen" and why it's important for kids and teens to know how to navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of the internet while ensuring their digital safety.

A female forensic scientist adds a sample of evidence to a test tube while wearing blue latex gloves.
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The Scully Effect and Candidates for the Modern Equivalent

In this article, we’ll look at the significance of the Scully Effect, why STEM representation in media matters, and which female characters in film and TV are inspiring the next generation of girls to follow STEM. 
A blue and black graphic illustration showing a light bulb surrounded by other symbols that represent the connectivism learning theory.
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How the Connectivism Learning Theory Evolved for the Digital Age

In this blog, we look at the relevance of connectivism in the digital age and how educators can use the theory to improve digital teaching strategies. 
High-Tech & Low-Tech in STEM: My End of Year Collaboration with Sphero & Makedo
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High-Tech & Low-Tech in STEM: My End of Year Collaboration with Sphero & Makedo

As a Sphero Hero I was given the exciting opportunity to collaborate on a “high-tech meets low-tech” collaboration with Sphero robots and Makedo Invent kit.
A teacher works with four younger students on a laptop in a colorful classroom. Cybersecurity education is important for teachers and students to learn.
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Cybersecurity 101 for Educators and Students: Online Safety, Security and Success

Cybersecurity offers two-fold importance to kids: learning to defend themselves and preparing for their future careers.
A teacher works with her students at a table in a colorful classroom.
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Multimodal Learning Examples to Use in a STEM Class

Students express themselves in many different ways, through speaking, writing, illustrations, expressions, dance, memes, you name it. The same is true when it comes to learning.
A team of esports players cheers at their computers after winning a challenge. Esports and Education can help each other make learning fun and engaging for a variety of students.
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Esports and Education: How the Rise of One Can Help the Other

Here we look at the ways in which esports can benefit education, from improved attendance to the development of essential problem-solving skills. 
Four people pick up trash in a field to create a cleaner environment around them.
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Building a Sustainable Tomorrow Through STEM Education

The world faces many obstacles in its pursuit of a sustainable tomorrow. Climate change, hunger, poverty, and economic inequality are just a few of those challenges. 
A female engineer works on a computer in her workspace and is surrounded by wires, cables, and other hardware.
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What is My Intelligence Type? Will Knowing Help Future Engineers?

People are naturally curiouswe like to have a profound understanding of ourselves and to know what categories we fit into. This search for labels is particularly true when it comes to personality and intelligence.
A student uses Sphero indi's color tiles to learn how to read.
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Robots & Reading: Driving Literacy with Sphero indi

Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping is the act of spelling a word with scaffolded support through sound boxes to match individual phonemes with the corresponding grapheme in order to spell a word accurately.
Three students and their teacher stand around a table with a maze made from tape as they navigate their Sphero BOLT from one end to the other.
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STEM Educational Resources for Every Age

STEM, the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is an incredibly important part of modern education. In today’s digital world, understanding STEM concepts is not only essential for navigating everyday life, but also as a gateway into careers that are increasingly technology-based.