Software engineering is a fun and rewarding STEM career choice.
At SchoolBrian Kellner

Sphero's Guide to Software Engineering

Simply put, a career in software engineering can be challenging and exhilarating. Here’s what this path entails, how software engineers fill important roles, and how Sphero can help. 
Mechanical engineering is the most popular engineering degree and it’s also the broadest.
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Sphero’s Guide to Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the most popular engineering degree and it’s also the broadest. This blog covers the definition of mechanical engineering as well as the types of problems they solve, the work they do, and more. 
Aerospace engineering is a fascinating area to study and create a career path.
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Sphero's Guide to Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the field of study revolving around the design of aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, and missiles. Here’s some more information about what skills you need to be an aerospace engineer and what this career path involves. 
Fostering a healthy relationship with technology is important at home and in school.
At HomeKate Sheppard

How to Develop a Healthy Relationship With Technology: 4 Ways to Encourage Digital Well-Being

Technology can be overbearing, leading to difficulties with our emotional health, social connections, and productivity, as well, which is why establishing a healthy relationship with technology is so critical. 
Learn how to properly store your Sphero BOLT robots over the summer.
At SchoolAmanda Vaden

Sphero's Summer STEM Prep Guide

No matter how you plan to spend your summer, this guide will help you prep your Sphero robots for the months ahead. From planning a STEM summer camp to understanding how to properly clean and store your robots for an extended period of time, we’ve got you covered.
There are several types of bad actors in cybersecurity. Knowing them can keep you and your kids safe online.
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7 Types of Bad Actors in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity can be a difficult subject to wrap your head around, especially considering all the different terms and concepts associated with it. Illegal hackers, ethical hackers, cybercriminals, insiders: are these all the same thing? What do these terms mean and why is it important we know about them?
Electrical engineering could be considered a difficult but rewarding degree.
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How Hard Is Electrical Engineering? (Read This Before Choosing a College Major!)

There are many choices when it comes to selecting a STEM career path, and if you are interested in learning complex math concepts and building tools powered by the science of electricity, studying electrical engineering could be for you.
There are kid-friendly versions of common therapeutic techniques used by professionals to help kids with anxiety.
At HomeBreanna Leslie

How To Help Kids with Anxiety: 10 Ideas to Try

Just like the presentation of anxiety varies between adults and kids, so too do the coping skills. While they may be similar and address the same symptoms (racing thoughts, breathing, heart rate), there are kid-friendly versions of common therapeutic techniques used by professionals.
A girl drives her Sphero BOLT in a pool as part of a STEM Summer Camp activity.
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STEM Summer Camps: Sphero's Ultimate Guide for 2022

We asked Kendra Werner, Sphero’s Education Program Manager, about why she believes STEM summer camps are important and how you can get started. Let’s dive in and learn more about how you can host a STEM summer camp this year with Sphero and littleBits!
There are strategies to use to help build your teacher confidence.
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8 Ways to Build Teacher Confidence

Teacher confidence doesn’t just magically appear overnight. And even with your years of training and professional development, you might still feel a bit apprehensive about building STEM-related concepts into your lessons. So, take a look at these strategies for increasing your teacher confidence.
Discussing climate change with kids can seem like a daunting task, but kids benefit from having a better connection to the planet.
At HomeKate Sheppard

Climate Change for Kids: Encouraging a Connection Between Kids and the Planet

Although climate change is something that affects everyone on the planet, it’s often having the hard talks that can be the most difficult part of it all. Your kid might already be aware of the issues, or they might be unaware of how serious the situation is, so gauging what they know already is a good starting point. 
The right classroom management strategies can make learning STEM fun and effective for your students.
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9 Classroom Management Strategies that Make Learning STEM Fun

Employing effective classroom management strategies in the classroom is vital. In this blog, we'll cover eight strategies for managing your STEM classroom to make learning fun.