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Three kids work on a challenge card for Sphero indi at their dining room table as part of their homeschool STEM lessons.

In the realm of homeschooling education, the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) isn't just a trend but a transformative approach to learning. Sphero's range of innovative programmable robots, STEAM kits, and hands-on activities offers a powerful tool to enhance their curriculum and empower learners of all levels and interests. Even for homeschool educators who aren't STEM experts themselves, Sphero provides an accessible entry point to give kids and teens essential STEM skills.

With a hands-on, project-based approach to learning, homeschooling becomes a dynamic journey where kids and teens deepen their understanding of everyday subjects like language arts, science, and mathematics. By incorporating coding, invention, and hands-on learning, Sphero's tools foster creativity, critical thinking, and confidence in students. Whether it's exploring engineering principles with the Blueprint Build Kit, diving into coding and experimentation with the Sphero Mini Activity Kit, or using Sphero BOLT to simulate food's journey through the digestive system, each Sphero tool is designed to make learning engaging and accessible for homeschoolers of all backgrounds.

As a result, the STEM approach specifically helps homeschoolers develop critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. Therefore, kids learn to view learning as not just a means to an end but an enjoyable process that lasts a lifetime.

Curate a STEM Homeschool Curriculum

With Sphero’s programmable robots, STEAM (STEM + the Arts) kits, and free, hands-on activities for all ages, learning styles, and abilities, it’s easy for homeschooling parents to elevate their curriculum by incorporating this fun and experiential approach to learning.

The Sphero learning ecosystem is designed to unlock skills through coding, inventing, and play-based learning. Kids and teens thrive in this type of learning environment. With Sphero, homeschooled kids can learn about all four pillars of STEM and gain confidence in expressing their creativity and imagination in new and different ways.

Sphero Educational Tools for Learning STEM at Home

With Sphero technology tools, homeschooling parents can customize the learning experience to suit any style or interest. Hands-on learning keeps kids engaged and can help reduce their daily screen time—something all parents are no doubt concerned about. And it’s easy to integrate Sphero tools into existing homeschool lesson plans.

Sphero Blueprint Build Kit

This award-winning modular mechanical system is designed to make engineering hands-on, fun, and accessible for middle and high school students. The kit includes more than 300 parts (for over 20 guided builds), including gears, pulleys, screws, and ropes with clamps. They easily snap together and snap apart and can be assembled to bend, twist, and slide. Build, test, and disassemble prototypes can be built in as little as 45 minutes. 

Students build a prototype with Sphero Blueprint Build pieces.

With Blueprint, kids and teenagers are free to be creative and use their imaginations. As they build, they refine their problem-solving skills. Homeschool educators can access free units of lesson plans, which include teacher guides and student handouts. Sphero even supports various CAD certification curricula and provides free resources to get the most out of Blueprint. The next generation of innovators, engineers, and changemakers starts with Blueprint!

Sphero indi Student Kit

Designed to engage kids ages four and over, the Sphero indi Student Kit provides hours of intriguing learning. Kids learn colors, directions, and puzzle-solving skills, and can level up learning with a mobile app that allows them to program indi with a pre-reader-friendly, simplified block coding language. The car-shaped robot introduces kids Pre-K and older to STEAM and computer science principles in a fun, engaging way. They can build mazes, solve puzzles, and even get into simplified block coding options with the free Sphero Edu Jr app.

A homeschool mom and her two kids work on programming Sphero indi on their living room floor.



The indi educator guide was created to help educators  incorporate indi into any content area to help reinforce computational thinking skills through a series of lessons designed specifically for PK–2. 

Sphero BOLT 

The Sphero BOLT robot is specially designed to leverage play-based learning to foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles for beginner to advanced programmers. Kids and teens can express creativity programming BOLT to display custom graphics with the 8x8 programmable LED matrix. With its advanced sensors and innovative technology, BOLT seamlessly combines hands-on play with STEAM and coding activities. An extensive library of educational games and free cross-curricular activities is available, allowing homeschool educators to find BOLT lessons to add to their existing curriculum. Sphero BOLT is ideal for practicing collaboration and teamwork through pair programming as well, as BOLT is designed to support a 2:1 student-to-robot ratio. 



Computer Science Foundations (CSF) & Other Curriculum

For homeschool educators looking to provide learners with a scoped-and-sequenced introduction to programming, the Computer Science Foundations curriculum is designed to help students master block programming by manipulating sensors, loops, conditionals, variables, and functions, and rewrite simple block programs in JavaScript. 

Sphero also offers 20 free Cybersecurity Labs to use along with Sphero BOLT that help make the complex world of abstract cybersecurity concepts come to life through hands-on activities and visual representation. 

Sphero Mini Activity Kit

With the Sphero Mini Activity Kit, kids use an app to make the Sphero Mini robot do all kinds of cool things! This neat little robot is great for beginners and has programmable colorful LED lights that glow, motor encoders, a gyroscope, and accelerometer sensors. The kit also includes STEM-inspired activity cards, a construction set, bowling pins, and cones to build mazes, design obstacle courses, and construct towers. Homeschool parents can access computer science and cross-curricular activities, and kids program Mini with Draw, drag-and-drop Blocks, or JavaScript Text commands in the Sphero Edu app.

littleBits STEAM Student SET

This easy-to-use engineering and circuitry kit lets kids invent and code to their heart’s content. The littleBits STEAM Student SET comes with 25 snap-together bits and 34 accessories and includes printed teacher support materials along with 40+ hours of standards-aligned STEAM and Coding curriculum. This electronics kit encourages exploration, experimentation, and creativity through hands-on learning. Up to four students can use one kit, allowing kids to practice collaboration and teamwork!

Embrace the Change!

Activities in the Sphero Edu app are free to access, even if you don’t have a robot (yet!). You can also check out the activities for indi, Blueprint, and more on our resources pages. Check them out and see how Sphero can integrate into practically any subject you’re already teaching. 

Sphero STEAM educational tools don’t just introduce technology into homeschool curriculum, they also leverage the latest and most effective methodologies and technology for teaching and learning. The activities and tools keep homeschoolers engaged for hours as they learn while playing. Elevate STEM homeschool curriculum with Sphero robots and STEM kits


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