Group of smiling teachers wearing Sphero capes at school.
Group of smiling teachers wearing Sphero capes at school.

Sphero Education Ambassador Programs

Since Sphero began, we’ve seen superstar creators, makers, teachers, and learners take our program and run with it in ways we never could have imagined. What started out as a conversation on social media has evolved into a community of passionate users supporting one another, while sharing their inspirations and successes with Sphero and littleBits in the classroom and beyond.
Group of kids with masks gathered around a maze they are coding a STEM robot to go through.
Sphero Heroes logo.

Sphero Heroes

Candidates for the Sphero Heroes program are highly motivated teaching professionals exemplifying a spirit of creativity and curiosity in education and within the Sphero  community. Heroes have the opportunity to network directly with the Sphero team and will even have the opportunity to help with Sphero  product development. Applications are for 2022 are now closed. Check back in early 2023!

Lead Educators logo.

Lead Educators

The Sphero Lead Educators is a new program that recognizes teachers who are using our robots to inspire their students. Applications for Sphero Lead Educators are always open.

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