Sphero BOLT Power Pack + Sphero Code Mat

SKU: 970-0592
Style: BOLT Power Pack & City/Golf Code Mat

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What's Included

Product Dimensions

BOLT Robot: 2.87in × 2.87in × 2.87in

Power Pack: 25.63in (L) x 19.36in (W) x 9.02in (H)

Code Mat: Two-sided, 86in x 45in Sphero Code Mat

Device Compatibility

Sphero Edu App: Students code using Draw, Blocks, or Javascript. Access 1000s of activities and manage your classroom. Chrome, Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Kindle

Community Creations

Some artists use brushes, others use lenses, these kindergarten artists use @sphero BOLT!
When art, science, math, and technology blend together…it’s fun learning.
Students at Blue Star Elementary learned engineering skills by building Sphero-powered cars and racing them. Check it out!
Physics teacher giving testimonial about Sphero.

“Sphero BOLT has been a great addition to my physics classes. My students learn a wide variety of skills by coding BOLT, as it enables them to not only learn physics but they also gain teamwork and problem solving skills.”

Lauren Marrone, Teacher and Sphero Hero from Georgia