BOLT Educator Guide

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You don’t need to be a computer science expert to discover the endless possibilities for Sphero BOLT in the classroom! Our in-depth, standards-aligned BOLT Educator Guide walks you through getting started with BOLT, our #1 robot used in schools across the globe, and includes eight cross-curricular classroom lessons for grades 3 and up to inspire you and your students. 

  • SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATE TECH INTO YOUR CLASSROOM: Our guide provides step-by-step instructions for you and your students
  • CARRY IT AROUND THE CLASSROOM: This hard copy of our guide allows you to take it wherever you might need it
  • NO ACCOUNT REQUIRED: Students use starter programs to complete the activities whether or not they’re signed into the Sphero Edu accounts
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: This guide will give you plenty of ideas for next steps with BOLT in your classroom
  • STANDARDS-ALIGNED STEAM LEARNING: Our eight cross-curricular classroom lessons allow students to get hands-on with subjects and topics they’re already learning

Note: The BOLT Educator Guide book is included with BOLT Power Packs purchased after 8/8/2022. A free download of the BOLT Educator Guide is available here.

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Engage the Entire Class!

The BOLT Power Pack is perfect for engaging the entire class in hands-on STEM learning. It includes 15 Sphero BOLTs and a variety of accessories, providing educators with everything they need to teach robotics and coding skills in the classroom.

Community Creations

Some artists use brushes, others use lenses, these kindergarten artists use @sphero BOLT!
When art, science, math, and technology blend together…it’s fun learning.
Students at Blue Star Elementary learned engineering skills by building Sphero-powered cars and racing them. Check it out!
Physics teacher giving testimonial about Sphero.

“Sphero BOLT has been a great addition to my physics classes. My students learn a wide variety of skills by coding BOLT, as it enables them to not only learn physics but they also gain teamwork and problem solving skills.”

Lauren Marrone, Teacher and Sphero Hero from Georgia