Sphero RVR+

RVR+ is our revolutionary take on the programmable robot. It’s drivable right out of the box, packed with a diverse suite of sensors, and built for customization. RVR+ is a mobile platform for intermediate to advanced makers, educators, and learners.

RVR high tech robot with Raspberry Pi mechanical arm.

The Sphero Edu App & Ways to Code

iPad with Sphero Edu activity list on the screen.
iPad with Sphero Edu activity list on the screen.

Sphero Edu™ App

The Sphero Edu app is your hub to create, contribute, and learn with Sphero robots. Go beyond code by incorporating unique STEAM activities to complete with your bot. Designed for learner progression, Sphero Edu beginners can give robots commands by drawing a path in the app for their robot to follow. Intermediate coders can use drag-and-drop blocks to learn more advanced coding concepts, while more experienced programmers can use JavaScript to command their robot. The Sphero Edu app can be used in school or at home. 

Educators, learn how to use the Sphero Edu App to manage your classes and assign lessons and activities here >

Features: Draw, Blocks, and JavaScript programming for beginning to advanced coders; Drive mode; Bluetooth communication; Activity library (including standards-aligned lessons); class management (for educators); create and share programs with the community

Compatible Products: BOLTMiniRVR+/RVRSPRK+, SPRK, Sphero 2.0, BB-8, BB-9E, R2-D2, R2-Q5 

Program with Python

Python is a fast-growing programming language used in many industries and across a wide range of platforms. Add a physical component to your programming curriculum with python and RVR+. The public Sphero SDK for RVR+ provides a great way for students to understand API, libraries, and documentation, plus they get to program a really amazing robot. RVR+ is programmable with python when a Raspbery Pi* is connected via UART port or with micro:bit connected via USB port. 

Raspberry Pi is not sold by Sphero, but is available here.

Activities & Curriculum

Person scanning QR code in CSF book with iPad.

Enhance your learning with the RVR+ Educator Guide

You don’t need to be a computer science expert to discover the endless possibilities for Sphero RVR+ in the classroom! Our in-depth, standards-aligned RVR+ Educator Guide walks you through getting started with RVR+, our most customizable robot for beginner–advanced programmers, and includes eight NEW ready-to-run, cross-curricular classroom lessons for grades 6 and up to inspire you and your students.

CSF Books Standards-aligned curriculum with an ipad displaying block coding.

Enhance your learning with Sphero's Computer Science Foundations

Computer Science Framework Principles is aligned to national, international, and various state standards and can be used with Courses 2 and 3 in a selection of lessons. When using RVR+, the recommended adjustments are in the app only, not in the book.

Tutorial Videos

Check out our gallery of tutorial videos to get to know and use Sphero RVR+/RVR.


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