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littleBits are easy-to-use electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets, turning ideas into inventions and transforming the way kids learn about circuitry and electronics through exciting and engaging hands-on lessons.

NOTE: Resources for some older and discontinued kits can be found in littleBits Classroom.

littleBits Fuse App

Laptop with littleBits simulator on the screen.

littleBits Fuse App

Expand upon what your inventions can do using the littleBits Fuse app to program your Bits using conditionals, loops, and functions. Students can create virtual circuits in their own workspace and learn how littleBits’ snap together to ensure their Bits are compatible and their inventions can come to life.

Designed for learner progression, students can take notes in their digital inventor’s notebook and program using blocks or JavaScript. You can save your workspace as well as send it back to your teacher for review.

Technical: Fuse is a progressive web app that is browser based and uses Chrome’s fast web USB/BLE API for connection management. Device must have bluetooth capability to download code from the Fuse app to the codeBit. For programming Fuse uses MakeCodes block programming canvas.

Compatible Products: STEAM+ Coding Kit and Class PackCode Kit and Class PackMakerspace Invention Wall, and codeBit.

Curriculum & Lessons

Find the units that work best with your curriculum.

Subject Area Activities: Choose and adapt activities to fit your classroom and grade level needs.

Standards Alignment

littleBits Classroom features hundreds of guided and open-ended challenges. These lessons and activities are aligned to NGSS, CSTA, Common Core, TX-TEKS, FL-CPALMS, NY-NYSED, and CA-CCSS standards.

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