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The robot for early learners that is driven by color

Speed into STEAM with indi—the most approachable entry-level learning robot for ages 4+. indi inspires imaginative, play-based learning by empowering kids to design and build their own mazes while creating opportunities for students to learn the basics of coding, solve problems, and nurture computational thinking skills.

Sphero indi going through maze with color cards as programming commands.
Solve puzzels with sphero indi.
Design and build any maze imaginable, just like an engineer.
Complete the path with a color card.
Solve puzzles—or create your own— with the with the included color tiles.
Screenless learning with sphero indi.
Sharpen computational thinking skills through hands-on, interactive play.
Coding concepts with Sphero indi.
Learn basic programming skills with our new drag-and-drop blocks designed just for indi in the Sphero Edu Jr app

How Does indi Work?

indi Screenless learning.

Screenless Coding

With indi’s onboard color sensor, young learners can communicate instructions to indi by placing color tiles on the floor that tell it what to do and where to go (and how fast!).

Sphero edu jr. app for young students.

Connected coding

Once kids have mastered screenless programming, they can learn basic block coding concepts in the free Sphero Edu Jr app by reconfiguring how indi reacts to each color: adding new movements, lights, sounds, and even celebrations!

Getting Started

indi is ready to program right out of the box—no setup or device required.
indi reacts to color animation.

Step 1

Discover how indi reacts to each color tile.

indi maze animation.

Step 2

Build mazes with endless combinations of color tiles.

Step 3

Strengthen problem-solving skills by navigating the challenging puzzles you build.

indi Resources

Check out tools, guides, and accessories for using indi at school or at home.
Sphero indi standards-alignment for PK-2 students.

Educator Guide Book

indi seamlessly integrates computational thinking and coding concepts into the curriculum you are already teaching with the in-depth Educator Guide Book. This book includes carefully-designed, standards-aligned lesson plans for:

  • Directions
  • Patterns & Sequences
  • Measuring
  • Storytelling
  • & More

Included with the indi Class Pack only

Three young students with indi coding robot.

Challenge Cards

Young learners can work independently or in groups through self-guided learning with the 15 included Challenge Cards with little to no instruction from the teacher.

(Included with the indi Student Kit and Class Pack Only)

Sphero indi Beginner’s Programming Challenge Cards for an introduction to problem solving and building and navigating different puzzles.

Beginner’s Guide to Programming Booklet

The Beginner’s Guide to Programming Booklet provides tricks and hints for getting started with the indi At-Home Learning Kit. The guide gives specially-designed visuals to help kids learn what each color means, as well as provides puzzles to expand learning.

(Included with the indi-At-Home Learning Kit Only)

indi Special Education Guide

What makes indi great for special education? indi supports language development, helps develop fine motor skills, and is accessible to learners with visual and auditory impairments. Download

indi Supporting Literacy and Math Development

indi supports early learning in literacy and language development. indi also supports the development of big ideas in early mathematics such as counting, patterns, measurement, spatial relationships, and shapes. Download

indi Multilingual Learner Guide

indi engages all learners regardless of reading level or primary language. Learn more about how indi supports multilingual learners in your classroom. Download

An educator helping kids understand computational thinking and problem-solving skills with a webinar.


Empowering Young Learners: Computational Thinking & Problem Solving with indi

It's never too early to help young learners better understand computational thinking and problem-solving skills and why these skills are so important to their learning journey. In this webinar you'll learn how indi helps teach these skills from a young age.

Sphero indi CAD

Looking to print 3D attachments for Sphero indi, but not sure where to start or the exact size? Learn More

indi Garage

The indi garage is a fun 3D printable accessory used to help students aim indi in the right direction! Learn More and get the STL.

indi Colors

Sphero indi color cards.

The indi Student Kit and Class Pack include durable, latex-free rubber color tiles that are easy to clean and made to last. The indi At-Home Learning Kit includes color cards made from cardstock with adhesive tape to keep the cards in place. With the indi Class Pack, educators receive bonus color cards for extending or creating additional mazes.

Make Your Own Colors

Some may wish to create their own color tiles, cards, or paths for indi. Keep in mind that each color is programmed into the firmware and instantly recognizable by indi. Other color sources, such as construction paper and markers, may not provide as consistent of an experience as using the color tiles and/or cards included with your indi(s).

Here are the Pantone colors indi is designed to respond to:

sphero indi red pantone.

Pantone 805 C


sphero indi orange pantone.

Pantone 904 C


sphero indi yellow pantone.

Pantone 903 C


sphero indi green pantone.

Pantone 902 C


sphero indi teal pantone.

Pantone 808 C


sphero indi blue pantone.

Pantone 915 C


sphero indi purple pantone.

Pantone 928 C


sphero indi pink pantone.

Pantone 927 C


Additional color options are below. Keep in mind that these are closest to the Pantone colors but are not an exact match and may not work as intended.

Closest CMYK

CMYK RED Cyan: 0 // Magenta: 56 // Yellow: 39 // Black (K): 0

CMYK YELLOW Cyan: 0 // Magenta: 0 // Yellow: 58 // Black (K): 0

CMYK ORANGE Cyan: 0 // Magenta: 21 // Yellow: 47 // Black (K): 0

CMYK GREEN Cyan: 39 // Magenta: 0 // Yellow: 74 // Black (K): 0

CMYK TEAL Cyan: 76 // Magenta: 0 // Yellow: 49 // Black (K): 0

CMYK BLUE Cyan: 61 // Magenta: 1 // Yellow: 7 // Black (K): 0

CMYK PURPLE Cyan: 40 // Magenta: 52 // Yellow: 0 // Black (K): 0

CMYK PINK Cyan: 0 // Magenta: 56 // Yellow: 0 // Black (K): 0


Rocket Red

Cosmic Orange

Lift-Off Lemon

Martian Green

Gamma Green

Lunar Blue

Gravity Grape

Fireball Fuschia

ASTROBRIGHTS and the color names listed above are the trademarks of Neenah Paper, Inc., which is not affiliated with Sphero. This list is for reference only.

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