Have Fun While Learning at Home

Sphero makes STEM fun with programmable robots, STEAM (STEM + Art) kits and engaging activities for all ages and stages. The skills kids unlock through coding and inventing prepare them to thrive, no matter what subject or career they pursue.

Hacker coding RVR robot with JavaScript at home. Parent and daughter with STEAM project instructions. littleBits circuit invention.

At-Home Learning Solutions

Play is a powerful teacher! Spark creative coding and STEAM at home with robots, design-and-build kits, and accessories for all ages and stages.

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Gain 21st Century Skills

With STEAM activities, children  develop soft skills—like the 4 Cs—that apply to any career!

Boy coding RVR advanced robot on a laptop.

Critical Thinking

STEAM challenges and coding help kids develop the ability to analyze and find solutions to problems.

Boy doing STEAM activity with BOLT coding robot for kids.


Our robots, kits, and activities are designed to get kids to think “outside the box” through open-ended play.

Kids collaborating on a STEM project with littleBits electronic circuit toys.


Kids can collaborate with each other or parents to find technical solutions for real-world problems.

Two kids coordinating a STEM project with indi coding robot for kids.


Working with others on Sphero and littleBits activities will help kids understand issues from other perspectives.

Mother and daughter doing STEM activity with the Mini coding robot kit for kids. Boy coding a BOLT robot with his laptop.

The Importance of STEM

Continuing with STEM or STEAM learning at home provides a wealth of benefits for kids, especially in elementary grades. A recent study shows the correlation of STEM education, specifically computer science, and improved students’ attitudes and academic achievement. Without STEM, children may regress or lose out on this valuable growth potential.

Child Wellbeing

STEAM learning is so much more than writing code and sitting in front of a screen all day. Sphero robots and STEAM Kits are designed to promote physical activity, mental stimulation, creativity, and inspire kids’ imaginations, which contributes to a better, overall well-being.

Real-World Problem Solving

STEM skills are more important now than ever, enhancing a kid’s capacity to innovate and find solutions using technology and math.

At-Home Learning Starter Kits

Every solution includes a parent-friendly getting started guide with introductory activities, troubleshooting tips, measurements for success, and supplemental resources to make it easy for kids and for families to facilitate coding and STEAM learning at home.

Pre-Built Coding Robots

A girl practicing block-based coding on a laptop.

Sphero Mini At-Home Learning Kit

Get started learning STEAM at home with The Sphero Mini At-Home Learning Starter Kit. No coding experience necessary. This kit includes a Mini, 28-piece construction set, 15 step-by-step, project-based lesson cards, and a parent-friendly guide to help facilitate STEM learning at home

Drive and game with the Sphero Play App or code and learn to code with the Sphero Edu App. Complete all the challenges and games and then create your own fun—the possibilities are endless!

Kids driving a robot ball through an activity course at home.
Use your creativity to construct your first cool course.
A toy robot ball driving through a blue and orange archway at home.
Send Mini through all four arches like an Olympic skier.
A kid building a tower out of the Sphero Mini Activity Kit for at-home learning.
Build a tower and knock it down. All you have to do is break the walls.

Sphero BOLT

Sphero BOLT is packed with plenty of advanced technology that turns coding into an iridescent experience for kids of all skill levels. BOLT's programmable sensors include a compass, light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and infrared communications.

With BOLT, kids can complete STEAM activities, play fun games, and create their own while learning how to code.

The fun doesn’t stop there.

Show off your creativity and program Sphero BOLT to display custom graphics and real-time data with BOLT’s 8x8 programmable LED matrix.

Sphero BOLT fosters a love of robotics, coding, and STEM principles – all through play-based learning. Kids can’t take their eyes off this coding robot!

Students playing with Sphero BOLT in classroom.

littleBits Design & Build Systems

Kid making catapult invention at home.

littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit

Use this circuit kit to confidently engage kids at home with five independent or parent-guided STEAM-based inventions.

  • Open-and-go introductory circuit kit to learn electronics
  • Screenless learning experience; no device or coding experience required
  • Access additional activities, curriculum guides, resources, and more in littleBits Classroom
  • Engage individual learners with their own starter kit and turn their ideas into a reality with 5 bits and 12 accessories
  • Recommended for ages 8+
littleBits Educator Starter Kit hand raiser activity.
Learn what it means for an object to require work and what happens when an object has potential elastic or gravitational energy. Then use littleBits to create a simple prosthetic arm to explore these concepts further.
littleBits Educator Starter Kit carnival gamesactivity.
Remake a favorite carnival game, or create a new one. Start by brainstorming ideas, then build and test several prototypes. Explain the rules to a friend and let them take it for a spin!
littleBits Educator Starter Kit invent a creature activity.
Create a unique creature adapted to survive in its habitat. Start with a plan for the design, build a few prototypes of the creature, and then test and iterate on your design.