Three overlapping photos. Father and daughter with STEM robot and guide. littleBits with at-home booklet. Mini activity kit with step-by-step guide.
Three overlapping photos. Father and daughter with STEM robot and guide. littleBits with at-home booklet. Mini activity kit with step-by-step guide.

Educational Robots, STEM Kits & Lessons for Homeschooling

STEM learning is fun! Sphero creates remarkably cool programmable robots, coding courses, and STEM kits that educate kids ages 5 - 18 about STEM and computer science through play-based learning.

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STEM education is one of the most coveted learning concepts of the 21st century. STEM-based education helps kids explore their varied interests while practicing desirable skills needed for a successful future career. Paired with academic learning, STEM education allows kids to develop core social skills such as decision-making, leadership, entrepreneurship, innovative thinking, communication, flexibility, and more.

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Illustration of BOLT and RVR robot in front of a home.

Here’s How Sphero Works for Homeschooling:

  1. Pick your favorite Sphero programmable robot, coding course, and/or littleBits STEM kit

  2. Download the included coding apps

  3. Complete educational activities as part of lesson plans

  4. Learn STEM skills and have fun

Father and son programing with a mini robot and computer science curriculum.

Teach Coding While Homeschooling

With Sphero’s Robots & Computer Science Foundations Courses

You’ve spoken, and we’re with you: STEM learning needs to be interactive and fun, especially in a homeschooling environment! To make this easier for homeschooling educators, we've created multiple tools to guide educators and their students through the STEM learning process. Starting with our educational and fun robots, kids as young as 5 and upwards to 18 can discover how to code through play-based learning.

Now the fun doesn’t stop there. Side-by-side with Sphero’s robots, homeschooling programming curriculum can be supplemented in an easy-to-follow way with our standards-aligned Computer Science Foundations (CSF) courses. Across three courses and 72 different lessons, homeschooling educators can choose which standards-aligned computer course best fits their daily teaching schedule.

Homeschooling With STEM Kits, Robots, & Lessons

Introducing: Sphero Edu App & littleBits Classroom

Sphero Edu is included with all of our educational STEM robots and littleBits Classroom is included for all littleBits products. This online tool gives homeschooling educators and students the resources necessary for play-based learning and ensures a continuous evolution of learning through new lessons. Explore the lessons, programs, and activities from the community of educators have posted and, once you’re ready, post your own. The Sphero Edu app and littleBits Classroom allows homeschooling educators to pick programs, activities and lessons they want to include in their lesson plan, based on the education level. With these free resources, both kids and educators can discover endless educational activities.

Sphero RVR robot mini toy robot BOLT and littleBits

Homeschooling With STEM Kits, Robots, & Lessons

At Sphero, we understand the importance of keeping learning fun and stimulating which is why we provide homeschool STEM kits and robots fit for all grade levels. As students progress through Sphero programs, the activities and challenges grow with a student’s skill level.

Elementary School

For elementary students, we have numerous activities and educational kits to get kids started with STEM.

Middle School

Middle school is a pivotal time to advance STEM education.

High School

While a high-schooler can certainly learn from and find any of the aforementioned products entertaining (especially if they’re new to STEM), Sphero continues to create more advanced STEM and robotic tools to ensure the learning never stops.

STEM At-Home Activities

With all our Sphero robots and kits, students will have access to numerous "out-of-class" STEM activities, all from the comfort of home. Whether it's navigating a maze, designing transportation, Simon Says, creating light sensors, or mimicking the solar system, the options for enrichment are endless.
Sphero Mini robot at home activity kit with guide.

Teach Coding While Homeschooling

Make the most of STEM homeschool with Sphero’s educator resources. Better yet: our robust educational apps -- Sphero EDU and littleBits Classroom -- are free. Whether you’re looking for friendly guides for at-home learning, blended STEM tactics, trouble-shooting, or supplemental resources, we’re here to help.

Father sitting at kitchen table and homeschooling his children.

Get Started with STEM Homeschooling Using Sphero

Set up students for future career success by giving them an exciting way to learn STEM. With our unique kits and robots, your student will learn the core concepts of STEM while building numerous desirable traits, including SEL, CSF, creativity, elevated thinking, problem-solving and more. Get started with Sphero today to enhance your STEM homeschool experience!

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