Maze & Grid Code Mat

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Gear up for coding adventures with the Maze & Grid Code Mat. This double-sided mat is great for honing skills, strategizing, and diving into programming challenges.

One side of the mat provides the official competition field size for BOLT/BOLT+ in The Sphero Global Challenge. Beyond the Challenge, this grid offers endless possibilities for exploration and integration into coding and cross-curricular activities.

Flip the mat over to discover an exciting maze that features multiple programming targets to get the ball rolling for your students. This side of the mat offers exciting challenges that encourage problem solving and critical thinking.

A Code Mat is required to participate in the Sphero Global Challenge. You can purchase your Code Mat here or download it and print it yourself (instructions in the Coaching Guide). The Maze & Grid Code Mat is available for order now and will be shipped in early August.

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What's Included

  • Two-sided, 86in x 45in Sphero Code Mat

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